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Banbridge Musical Society

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some the common questions people often hold in regards to our company. If the answer you seek is not listed here, please contact us!


1. How can I join? Visit our 'Join Us' page for a step-by-step guide to joining of the company


2. How much does it cost to be a member of Banbridge Musical Society? Fees for the company are as follows: Adults (18 years and over) - £40, Teenager  (13 years to 17 years) – £25, Child (up to 12 years) - £25, University/3rd Level Students - £30. Family Rates are available e.g. 1 Adult & 1 Child - £55.


3. How old do I have to be in order to be a member of Banbridge Musical Society?  The age range of our members is from five to sixty (and beyond). Children (from age 5 to 12 years) and Teenagers (13 years to 17 years) would be involved in our Winter show. Adults are involved in Winter and Spring shows. Some Children and Teenagers may be involved in our Spring show if the show requires it.


4. Are there any other costs involved in being a member? Members are sometime expected to purchase necessary dancewear, small items of costume.


5. What type of people join Banbridge MS? Banbridge Musical Society attracts members from a huge wide range of backgrounds. Our members come to us from many areas such as Banbridge itself, Lurgan, Lisburn and as far away as Belfast and Dungannon. Members are from varied social and working backgrounds and mixed levels of experience come together to celebrate a shared passion for musical theatre. Our company exists for members to be able to extend themselves and meet like-minded performers. So get involved today!


1. When are rehearsals? Chorus rehearsals are normally held on Monday evening, and Principal part and dance rehearsals normally are held on Wednesday evening. Approaching a show, there may be a small number of additional rehearsals called on Sunday afternoons.


2. Where are rehearsals held? Rehearsals are held at the Abercorn Primary School on the Newry Road in Banbridge. Click here for map and directions.


3. How are rehearsals structured?  Typically rehearsals will begin with Chorus in singing, led by our Musical Director, and dancing, led by our Director or Choreographer. Principals will concentrate on their acting and singing and will rehearse with Chorus for the Chorus numbers they are involved in.   Material is then pieced together gradually until whole runs of the show are used to tidy and tighten the production, ready for the theatre! The production week is always a busy and exciting time. Performers will be expected to attend a band call, a technical and dress rehearsal as well as taking part in microphone checks where relevant. 


1. How often does the company produce performance work? Traditionally, Banbridge Musical Society performs two large productions each year, a pantomime in the Winter and a more traditional West End/Broadway production in the Spring. However, we also boast an extensive concert programme, which we perform at private events.

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